Hi pplz.

I decide that now is a great time to write about cyber safety. On a particular online game. A very popular game.

You may as well know that I’m an animal jam addict. Just now, I was scammed. My account is cottoncandy9786, and I used to have a rare bow and arrows and friendship gauntlets. They were scammed, using a very POPULAR scam.

TRUST TRADING!!!!! People will say something along the lines of “Giveaway of my list my den!” The list will be something like what it was for me- a black long and two black worns. Then they’ll put a horrible item on trade, such as a necklace. They’ll get you to trade good items for it, and decline at the end, they’ll say something like, “Do pink long and beta hood then you win”. By now, you trust them so much, you don’t think twice. Then… the horrible little notice saying ‘YOU GOT’ the horrible thing. Next thing you know, you’re locked out of their den.

I’m not exactly a mine for info on this. If you play Animal Jam, I’d advise you to look it up. Being scammed is horrible.

Thanks, Amaris


Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Hi everyone, I am doing a project at school about this and so I thought I could give you some info on it.

Australia should let more asylum seekers in because empathy. Picture this: you are a poor, small child. Poverty, hunger, violence, death- all normal to you. And things have gotten worse, so you ran away, and now you’re on a smelly, crowded, cramped boat. You were wondering if you’d ever get off, but- oho! There’s land in the distance! People are calling it Australia. You don’t care whether it’s Australia, Shamaria, Kontania, Quogawia or Bovazia so long as you can get off this boat. Little do you know that the moment you do, you’re in a detention center for wanting freedom and equality. NOW, what’s all up with THAT? Australia is an amazing country, and we should share it with everyone.

A member of my class did a survey and 72 percent of people agreed.

Characterisation Post- Feel free to read- Liza Pai

Liza slung her purple backpack over her shoulders. She had a very mellow face, with tawny gold hair. “I bet she’s dead girly eh?” Jeanine had whispered when Liza started school. But now Jeanine knew better. Liza was much, much more than that. Her huge green eyes, when she was nervous or pleading, could make you melt- but when she was angry, she looked really fierce. She could do anything, that girl. She could give you a shy smile, pull at her hair a little nervously after you’d just insulted her apparently out of earshot, but when you went up to say hi, then she’d be holding your collar, whispering, “You call this girly?” as she pushed you against the wall. Then she’d give you an angelic grin and walk away. She wasn’t bad though, in fact, she was quite brave and optimistic. You just didn’t want to get on her bad side. And who knew that better than her best friend, Jeanine…

I hope you liked reading this. I think I’ll be writing more of these characterisations, so if you see one you really like, you could make a request for me to turn it into a short story. I love writing in my spare time. I’ll try to follow through on all requests.


Hi everyone!!!

My nom-de-plume is Amaris Archer.¬†Someday This Will Change is a blog where kids can share their opinion on world issues, like ….. and ……. and ……. (no spoilers!). I’m also going to be posting about things that interest me. Examples would be marketing strategies, cool books I’ve read, cyber-safety, racism¬†etc.

I’ll be posting the first real post soon, so bye for now,

– Amaris